Build Recycling Robots

Design your own robot from recycled materials in combination with motors and LEDs! You will learn different simple locomotion techniques and decide how your robot can be mobile, whether 2, 4 or more legs or just on wheels; your imagination knows no bounds! Also, the function of your robot is up to your creativity: can your robot clean, paint, race, sumo wrestle, or even cook? In the end, you can take your own robot home!

Bring with you several garbage for the workshop, for example:

Cans, aluminum cans, egg cartons, PET bottles, hard packs such as e.g. Smarty cans and tic tac cans, spoons and forks as arms, styrofoam, packing box, beverage cups, coffee mugs, screws, closures, tupperware, toothpicks, straws, cds, cassettes, toys, old electronic devices such as e.g. Walkman etc.

Time: 29.04.2018 | 14.00

Age Group: 10-14 years old
Duration: Around 3 hours
Maximale Teilnehmer Anzahl: 8 (Mom or dads presence desired / Parents take responsibility for their children)
Language: German / English

Price: 60 45 Euros.


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